New Village at USC Opens for All to Admire and Enjoy

The new $700 million multi use project opened for business in August. The village covers 15 acres and was the largest project in USC history. The 2500 students living within the village will have access to a Target department store, Trader Joes Supermarket, Starbucks Coffee shop, Bank of America branch along with twelve other options for eating without having to leave the property.  

USC University Village is served by its own central plant which provides chilled water, heating hot water and plumbing services to the multiple buildings on the property. The plant has 3,000 tons of cooling capacity provided by four variable flow chillers served by 11 Bell & Gossett Pumps. Heating capacity for the plant is 12 million BTU’s provided by five boilers and 9 Bell & Gosset pumps in a primary/secondary pumping configuration.

Dawson’s business development group worked with Yuvaraj Saravanan at ARUP in selecting the Bell & Gossett equipment on the project. Project manager for Limbach was Jarod Plante who worked with Ken Dubois from Dawson Company on ordering and coordinating equipment releases.

Equipment provided by Dawson Company includes:

  • (5) – B&G VSX-VSC 5xx6x13-1/2A 75HP Double Suction Pumps

  • (5) – B&G e1510 6G 30 HP End Suction Pumps

  • (4) – B&G e1510 3AD 5HP End Suction Pumps

  • (4) – B&G e1510 2-1/2AC 15HP End Suction Pumps

  • (1) – B&G e90 1-1/2AB 1.5 HP Inline Pump

  • (1) – B&G PL-55 0.4HP Inline Pumps

  • (1) – B&G B3000 Bladder Expansion Tank

  • (1) – B&G B4000 Bladder Expansion Tank

  • (1) – B&G RL-16 Air Separator

  • (1) – B&G RL-6 Air Separator